I am a self-taught photographer based in Southwest Michigan and have spent many years honing my craft.

I remember the day that I became fascinated with photography.  It was a vacation in Florida and I was about ten years old.   Florida was such a lush, vegetative place; it was Eden compared to cold Michigan winters and I tried to capture it all in a single frame.  Later on as I eagerly sifted through my prints looking for those perfect shots, I became dismayed.  I realized what I saw and felt from that tropical vacation did not translate to the prints I held in my hand.  I learned a valuable lesson during that photo shoot.  You can’t cram every intoxicating detail into every picture.  It is simply too overwhelming.

As a photographer I continue to grow and expand my knowledge of this art form.  While what was once a skill that only professional photographers and serious camera enthusiasts practiced, the playing field has since been leveled when the digital age dawned.  I remember the days of Fugichrome Velvia, loupes and light tables.  No longer do you need to know about these things unless you want to shoot in slide film.  Yet it seems the days of this media are almost gone, soon slide film will take the route of rabbit-ear TVs and Edison phonographs.  Like a faded rose pressed between pages of an old book, film will always hold a certain nostalgia for me.  This is where my roots are and my love affair of the camera began.  I’ll always hold on to my old Pentax ME Super.  I cannot bear to get rid of it.

I began as a nature/wildlife photographer and have since expanded my photo repertoire.  I love to travel and take many photos of my various journeys.  Editorial photography and photojournalism are special interests.  I find these areas of photography intriguing because although a picture is worth 1000 words a series of photographs tells the entire tale.

Wilson’s World of Products is my online photography shop where you can purchase many types of products with my photographs on them.  If you’re looking for a specific item or photograph and can’t find it in my store, drop me a line.  I’d be happy to help.